Monday, December 13, 2004

Another Day, another cold hand

Well, the weather is finally cool enough for snow, but the question is will it snow? I think about 3 inches of snow would be about perfect- just enough to cover everything, and still be easy shoveling the driveway.

And I think my Schwan's man does his best to stop right before lunch. After ordering about 6 items, I realized I must be hungery, and forced myself to stop ordering before I reached the ice cream. Then, of course, after the Schwan's Man left, I realized that this is his last visit before Christmas, adn I didn't even think of that when I was ordering, but there is always the grocery store.

Well, today I cleaned the office/playroom, the hallway, Galen's bedroom and the kitchen, so tonight, as long as the floors are still navigatable we will decorate. And all my decorating will have to fulfill all of these requirments:
1. nonbreakable, or breakables out of reach (on the roof).
2. Easy to maintain
3. Cheep!- best if we already have it
4. doesn't attract mice or bugs- that means that popcorn or cranberry garland are out, along with cookie type oriments.

So does anybody have any good ideas? Think I could possibly get a unified theme going, or should I just hope for returning the majority of the items to thier boxes instead of to the trash?

I swear boys are always testing to see how much force it takes to break something- you know those rubber made commericals, where they test the products to make sure they'r einvensiable- well they've never tested them here- maby becasue they'd know that nothing would come out in one piece.

Oh well- as long as my sanity and children all come out in one peice I guess it won't matter in 50 years

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Anonymous said...

Beware Karma. You will have daughter-in-laws someday.