Saturday, December 11, 2004

Dear Santa,

We have had a busy, hectic, exciting and challanging year this year. If you wish to judge me, please remember that my house is still standing and my kids are still healthy and happy.

What I want most this year, I've already got (heathy, happy kids and a house that's still standing), because I couldn't leave something that important up to you. No offence Santa, but things that mean this much have to be acted upon personally.

However Santa, there are a few little items that might make life a little more pleasent here. Like some Aura Caci bath salts, hopefuly I could find five minutes of peace in which to use them.

Or even a CD boom box, to add music to our home, as the ones Mike and I each had when we were married didn't last quite this long. Actually, to be precise, we are still using Mike's as our TV sound system, but the cd part of it broke last year when someone tried to open it with a screw driver. And normally I could use the computer's, but my sound card died after 200 hours of That in it's self was almost a miracle.

Also, a shoe rack would be a pleasent addition to the front entry, but please make sure it is built to handle the hanging on that the the tots will give it (which is how we lost the last one). It would be nice to try to teach the children that the shoes actually have a place to belong, when they are not on your feet. I am hoping to get this concept through to them before we have 6 pairs of ocean liners hogging our living room floor, for I do not want to have to mountain climb just to get in to the kitchen.

I would continue the letter to help you find the right gift for me, but right now I want a good night's sleep, adn if I don't go to bed now, I am not going to get it, because my healthy, happy children will be up by 8am.

So have a wonderful Christmas Santa, and if I don't get around to leaving milk and cookies out for you, feel free to snoop in our fridge.

With love and understanding how busy this time of year is for you,
Round Belly


Lady Amber said...

Would it be okay if we bought something for the Women's Shelter in BRD and donated it in honor of your family? We have your name this year. There's a wish tree in the mall with oodles of wants and needs for the shelter. I'm not trying to be cheap. I just want to make the best christmas for those who are truly in need. ?

Round Belly said...

Amber Lady, that would be great. Help where it is needed. I only wrote this letter thinking it would be "cute."- but give stuff to those that need it :)

Lady Amber said...

Lists are important. I keep many wants and needs lists in my noodle. We'll plan on making a donation/purchase for the women's shelter then. Then mommies and their children that use the service can have something a little nicer while they're there. Good karma.