Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Have I been awake to long

or have I just filled my morning quota for activity yet?
Got up, made breakfast, oatmeal
went to the chiro
short grocery trip for a few nessicities like stuffing for the ham dinner
bathed Ian, did laundry, studied prophecies about the earth realing to and fro on it's axcess in relations to current events and sent off emails detailing design specs for a beautiful new outfit.

So I guess it is lunch, then nap time and maby then i will consider what to do next. In other words, my brain is frozen in a tired fog and . . . I forgot what else I was going to say- sorry I'll try to something more interesting next time.

Like how Galen's diet really effects how well he can read that night.- Not advisable for good reading : frozen pizza and ice cream. Very good for reading: chili and organic corn chips

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