Monday, December 27, 2004

Holiday Week!

Good Morning to all those lucky folks who have the last week of the year off!
The rest of us own or have responsibilities in businesses :) That means we are doing hunderds of paper work items last week of the year stuff- like taxes, accounting and marking down prices for year end clearance!

I wish I had a women to shop with me today. It would be fun to get out of the house and see what nobody else wanted all year, then marvel that anybody would be crazy enough to make those items in the first place.

Anyways on to more personal matters. This morning I thought my belly felt small- that is until I put on my maternity pants and was supprised that there was no space I needed to roll up in the belly! Then, of course I notice my shirts (non maternity) are not comming down far enough or are hanging wrong over a sizeable lump in my abdoman. Of course, I am very happy to see it grow. It sure beats the alternatives!

Our cat came back this morning. It seems he likes to spend 2 cold nights outside every week before comming in and being cuddiled to death by hordes of sticky fingered children. Speaking of sticky fingered, you'd never guess what I let them eat for breakfast (it occured after 11 am).
They had frozen yogurt on top of rice crispies!

The only reason we have rice crispies was for the banana sin bars and Christmas Card Candy, otherwise I just don't buy processed cereal. But as long we have it, and I am done with it, they might as well finish it off!

The children have been watching Sponge Bob. They really enjoy it, allthough both parents find it annoying. But at least he is happy. usually kind and mostly nonviolent. I still prefere Barney though.

Galen turns 6 on Saturday and you all invited to a big Ham dinner and little birthday party for him, and if you spend the night before we can put the kids to bed early and play games, and generally ring in the new year mormon parent style!

Also in the news: Mom and I are hosting a weight loss challange for 2005! That means is if you loose the most weight between Dec 31 2004 and Dec 31 2005 (has to done wisely and heailthly) then you win $1000. More rules will be posted as they are created!
If you are interested to sign up for the challenge (this is free) then let me know. You may post here as a comment or email me!

Well, I got to run to the post office. And might as well look around at some of the sales too!

HAve a good one!


Anonymous said...

well here is one person that is in if you'll let me compete. Im the one that needs it the most. and you do know me.

Round Belly said...

You're in-
we will just have to figure out how to have offical weigh ins with those that are out of state.

Anonymous said...

I'm in, do I get a handicap for being on steroids?

Anonymous said...

was already planning on joining weight watchers is that a good enough weigh in?

Round Belly said...

yes, weight watchers weigh in should be offical enough