Saturday, December 18, 2004

Why do you blog?

In a dimwitted hope that perhaps, someone, someday, might take me seriously.

Or maby there is almost the approximation of talking to another adult, using any words you wish and without being itterupted 100 times by a child saying "I have to go potty."

Sometime's I blog to share things, I think my reader might be interested in knowing.

But mostly I blog to talk to myself- however I do realize that other people are listening in- so I do try to occasionally be curtious to myself or at least no as offending to others as I might be otherwise if nobody was listening, but I don't want a stupid blog in an onery moment to change a good relationship.

However it is tempting to use a blog to snarel at people, but nobody likes to be snarled at and if we want to watch somebody being mean to eachother, then we can just turn on the TV, where at least being mean to eachother is scripted for laughs.

Well, I need to give Ian a bath before his smelly trail permiates the house. SO have a good morning and go and do something useful today!

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