Monday, December 20, 2004

Chocolate Cakes and baking Dates

Welcome to another episode of "this is my life" with your host and self centered guru ME!

My mother, sister and nephew stopped by on thier way home from a sucessful kidney transplant. The roads were all ice this morning, so they weren't sure they would be able to, but the promise of Christmas presents and pinwheel date cookies seemed to lure them enough. I sent the first pinwheel date roll home with mom to bake. SO Amber- stop over and take a few :)

And they left a bunch of leftover food here. Mostly from dinner last night. They must have eaten at Famous Dave's. And all of the leftovers went fast. Every ear of corn and muffin was scarfed with in 10 minutes of thier departure. I was too busy working on more pinwheel dates to have a chance at the rib feeding frenzy, so all I got to do was hide that chocolate cake, and eat it once the kids were upstairs. It was still good :) mmmmm very good.

Meanwhile, My house is begaining to fill up with presents from all over the USA. We have some that came all the way from Florida, California and Utah. It's nice to know that people in many localities love you enough to think about you.

I can't think of anything else to say right now, other than our floor is not in because the icy roads helped the instalation team end up in the ditch this morning. So tomarrow they shall try again. :)

Happy day- now if only we could find where the pussy cat us hiding.

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