Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Actually. i think my brain is floating about a mile above my head

Today I helped Galen's class make graham cracker gingerbread houses. I was impressed. Those 5 year olds really didn't need much help. Galen was the first to complete the construction on his house adn I didn't need to help him at all (though he is always proud to have his mom in call with him). Then he did an awsome job of decorating.

Overall I was impressed. The boys constructed faster and better then the girls, but the girls had a rhyme and reason to thier decorating. In fact they did such a good job that I contemplated doing one at home with my kids.

Other than feeling light headed, and wondering why the kids weren't hungery today. I made my usual pancakes this morning and there are 2 stacks in the fridge. Usually there are none left!

Oh well-

A note or two for my Amber Lady:
I have found that when ever I am getting very pissy at Mike that it usually is something indictive to the fact that he is a man- and men just think ( or not think) thay way. Then I wish for a moment that he was a girl, then I realise if he was a girl, then I wouldn't have married him, orhave g reat sex with him.

Also Amber, the sex drive will diminish slightly as he ages. Like now with Mike 32, when I 'm fertile, then I'm on the prowl and Mike doesn't have a chance!

And a note on Christmas gifts: I thought that the shopping for someone else was a good experince for my kiddos- so if you really don't want the toys for your kids, you may pass them on to toys for tots- meanwhile my kids have to learn about it- so they did.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for understanding Raya. I'm so glad to know that there are millions if not billions of women out in this world, and probably as many worlds that exist, that can relate to me. I'm not alone. But when I'm going through "My Husband is a Poo" stage, knowing that I'm not alone is little consolation other than the fact that most happily married women say it's worth the effort to stick by their man, even if they have to patiently tweak them over time. (: I'm learning patience and thanks to your mom, I have a great book on how to train dogs, aka men. (When we got marriedn, she gave me a dog training book- one of the "dummy" series (she rocks!))

I enjoy your writing and can't wait to meet your little bun in the oven. If you ever want an energetic session for this little one, let me know. My children are reiki fiends- they can't get enough of it!

Love ya Raya!
Lady Amber

Round Belly said...

sounds good Amber, I 'll let you know when I'm comming up :)