Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pregnancy Brained

My brain has been flushed down my throught and is now residing with my pelvis, and somehow it just doesn't seem to work as well away from home.

For example: today I packed adn shipped 7 orders, but on one of the orders I could only find the pants, where are the sweat shirts? So I called my manufactor to see if they still had them there. But, no they were shipped here in July! So now that the packages have been sent, I go back downstairs and find that they were put neatly on the shelf, adn was hiding behind a bag of fabric.

We never seem to have short days here. This morning was up and at them at 7am to ship orders, and then I had to spend the morning at Ewan's preschool for "mom's Day", then with Ewan still in the car I went to the post office, grocery shopping (with a bunch of business calls, which seems to work well the store was quieter then my house ever is). Then home for lunch, nap and more business.

I just wish I still had my brain. Life was easier when i could remember things like backpacks, lunch money and when to bring the check in to pay the preschool.

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