Friday, December 24, 2004

Silly animals

The cat may be smart enough to avoid being mauled by children, but he wanted out tonight it is now -12, adn is estimated to reach -15 tonight.

It feels so cold I keep pictureing this "flash frozen" pussy cat outside as a lawn ornement.
My dog doesn't want out, but he already experinced outside when I let him out after dinner then forgot about him for 15 minutes. Poor Pooch!

Meanwhile my children are being tucked under more blankets every time we look at them. And I just haven't had the guts to brave shoveling the 1/2" of snow off the driveway in this weather.

Tomarrow I plan to bake some Christmas Cookies with the kiddos and drop them off at the neighbor's house. Kind of a "welcome to the neighborhood, and by the way have a great Christmas" gift. This is of course assuming I see life in thier house, as I am not going to leave my cookies to freeze on the doorstep or miss the oppertunity for a friendly chat.

So that's life here, cold hands, floors, pussycats, but warmer hearts and beds :)

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Anonymous said...

would that be the kids or the cookies or both?