Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Good Morning

My Tuesday Morning Routine is finally over! Yeah. That means that we got up, got dressed, fed the kids, got one on the bus, the other ready for preschool while I did all the sales processing and packing. Then I dropped him off at school, stopped at the floral shop in search of a christmas wreath, found a really nice ivy to hang, adn an adorable soft bear, that baby says she wants (as her Chrsitmas gift), and ordered a wreath.

Then I gassed the car, went to Target, picked up Lord of the Rings Return of the King collector's gift set (Mike and I agreed we'd give to eachother for Christmas), some soft and durable tree decorations, packaging tape, shoes, boots and food stuffs. Then I went to the bi/tri weekly drive to the post office. While there I realized that instead of just mailing out business stuff, I need to get around to mailing out the family gifts (the ones to Utah, in state gifts are going to have to come in person). Came home, unloaded the car, put the stuff away then had to go pick up Ewan at preschool. It's been a morning, so as soon as feed a few kids some "lunch" I can go take a nap!

Do you think ginger snaps and bananas qualify as lunch or so I have to micro some stew that will sit on the table all afternoon?

but before I can do that I got to go downstairs, change laundry and make sure that I have everything in stock for the most recent order (just came in while I was doing errands.)

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