Thursday, December 02, 2004

Brownies in the Oven

Is all I think about food? Well, I am feeding more then just me, and when I am feeding just me, I think about food a fair amount too. I'm an avid cookbook reader (know all the techniques), and my senior college project was a family cookbook contrasting my husband's family of foodways against my Minnesotan family of foodways.

However, when you have a household of growing boys, you soon find out that if you don't think about food enough, that you will spend a lot more money on a lot of fast food, and that just doesn't sit well with my organic and natural approach to eating and living (and tight budget).

My theroy is life is great until you run out pancake or brownie making supplies- but thanks to my parents moving and giving me a lot of thier food storage I can make pancakes forever. Now, if only I had enough natural peanut butter and organic apple sauce to top them forever.

To be true to the form I've established, I should probably give you my brownie or pancake recipie- but I'll make you ask for it first :)

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