Saturday, December 11, 2004

2nd trimester, here we come

Well, after taking a nap this morning and afternoon, I actually had enough energy to make dinner, pick up some of the livingroom, change laundry, and start on the matching crib bumper for my girls.

Add to that the ever present hunger, and I either sound like my sister (on high doses of medical steriods, after a kidney transplant) or I'm actually moving into the 2nd trimester, and the baby's placenta has kicked in to do a little bit of the work for me.

ANd yes, like Amy, I am peeing every hour or so. I really might be able to tollerate having enough energy to handle my house and family again. Especially in time for Christmas! I might even get around to offical Christmas Cookies, adn decorating, maby mailing the gifts out in time to get to our family in Utah before Christmas.

Of course, if I dream too big, I'll give up on the whole concept and go to bed instead- so maby I'll just focus on preparing for my baby's birthday tomarrow. I can't believe my youngest is turning 2, already- but I'd rather he did then stay 1.

Happy birthday Ian, may mommy have the energy to bake you a cake!

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