Thursday, December 16, 2004

I think I remember this stage of pregnacy

It's called "just when you think it's gets better, it gets worse."
yes, I remember complaining to my nurse last time adn she pointed out that according to my records, I usually feel sickly until about 14/15 weeks. And she's right, I even remember that from Galen's pregnancy.

ok, just a week or two to go. Then I can stop feeling ill when I eat, and even worse when I don't. Then I can look forward to waddling and persisitant heartburn. Sometime's you wonder if passing on your genetics is worth all this.- of course one still wonders that when your gentetic material is 5 years old and spinning wildly in the kitchen.

Yet, all they have to do is fall asleep in your arms or excitedly shout "Mommy!" when you come home, and the question disapears.

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