Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's Beganing to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It started snowing with huge fluffy flakes about 10 minutes ago. Then they came heavy. I told Mike "It makes me want to put up Christmas Lights."

"Go ahead." he said

"I don't want to." (to much work)

"You're pregnant." he replied

"But if somebody else could do it . . . "


Anonymous said...

I think he should put them up for you. Helps to get in the christmas spirit.

Round Belly said...

You are a female- a male would never put another in such a position :)

Anonymous said...

What Christmas Spirit? I don't see what lights and things have to do with Christmas.

Anonymous said...

ok how about holiday spirit.
something about holiday lights and snow falling and a good cup of cocoa...mmmm