Friday, December 03, 2004

On Line Christmas Shopping

The Best online store for Christmas gifts I have found is It seems to cater to people like me. It's a store that has a lot of organic clothing, blankets and toys for babies, children and Mothers. They have wonderful maternity selection, and personalized customer service.

My Children love the organic socks, and Galen's so cute trying to pronounce that word. He knows mommy holds it of importance. And I ordered the veggie toys- I had to lock them away so I could stuff them in thier stockings later this month. It is so cute watching my kids play with stuffed vegitables. Last year my mom gave all her grandkids the kid's pj's. My children are still wearing them, and seem to prefer them over the conventional ones.

I just wish I could afford those blankets for ever bed in the house. Nice, nice, nice.

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