Monday, December 20, 2004

Just thought of more things to say

2 of the pumpkins got thier hairs cut this morning. Ian is now a proud owner of a bunch of short hairs, Ewan is now a proud owner of a thick head of short curls. Ian made the most horendous faces while Mike was cutting his hair. I really should have video taped it. I couldn't stop laughing. Ewan was like a big boy, sat very still and followed dirrections. Galen we are still trying to convince that Santa won't come if he doesn't let us cut his hair.

Mike cuts the kids' hair in the kitchen. So he moved the dog's food and water bowls to accomadate his cutting space. He forgot to move them back. So after we were done with the rib feeding freenzy and I was done with the pinwheel dates, then I went to wipe off the table. At one point I stepped back, straight into the water dish, slipper and all! "Who moved the dog's bowl?" I yelled.

"I did," Said Mike "why?" then he couldn't stop laughing at me. Silly men.

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