Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Dr. Suess

Dr Suess knew who to teach kids to read. Galen has been enjoying his books, and gets to learn new words there every day. Hop on Pop is one that he has been abale to read about 90% of. I'm proud of him and think that he is seeing the universe of written word open before his eyes.

Now, if only the schools understood the power of Suess.

Pup is up.

Pup in cup.
And of course he spends most of his time enjoying the illistrations that come with the words. It helps him learn that the words directly relate to the pictures and that reading is fun. Pretty soon he'll be reading those Dinosaur Encyclopedias with out me. (I can't wait- I'm so tired of reading encyclopedias to him).

Dr. Suess- I am proud to have you in our home.

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