Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Well, well, well

well, we did get the Christmas tree up. And it came lit. But the two garlands we had did not go far. So today at Target, I got a few wooden garlands with hearts and a box of foam gingerbread looking oriments for the kids to paint with glitter pens. They really enjoyed that. Ewie had glitter all over his pants. So now, about 1/2 of the tree is decorated, all of the garlands were strung one in one corner, and in the other is all 30 or so of the foam gingerbreads.

And I stopped at the local florsist and bought a Christmas Wreath that now adorns our door and a beautiful ivy, that needed me. The ivy will hang in my office.

so that is how Christmas is progressing at my house- but maby perhaps Christmas means a bit more.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you and the kids had fun.
wish i could have seen it.