Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Time of year

To dejunk and clean. Last night I dejunked my main floor bathroom, spice cupboard and a row of underutilized drawers in my kitchen. I tried to dejunk my small applience cupboard, but was very suprized that all of my small allpiences I actually use on a regular basis. This includes my waffle maker, air popper, electric beater, crock pot, blender, toaster and bread maker. I was mostly suprized to find out that I didn't have any small applience junk to give away.

Gandolf is learning how to best come in from the cold. Now he hangs around the door until he sees it open, at which time he comes in. It sure makes it nice not to wonder where the sily cat went. I think he goes outside because the inside boars him, especially after the kids go to bed, and the dog is jsut too easy to control.

Our family is getting off of scheduel. It's going to be rough next week if we don't ammend this now.

I had to put our Christmas ornaments away last night. Half the tree was barren at bed time, adn I hadn't the heart to not act and let my memories get trampled by toy trucks, so Galen helped me get all of the ornaments from under the tree and couches and I wrapped the securely and put them in the box. Now, i just got to find what I did with the Navitity box and put that away before another King loses an arm.

Well, I need to find something more to eat, the muffins weren't enough and my body has been redicoulsy hungery and demanding of food lately.

Does anybody want to babysit this week so Mike and I can go out?

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