Saturday, December 25, 2004

At least somebody is going to bed early

The day must have been too full of excitment for the littlest pumpkin. So bed time will come soon.

Meanwhile dinner was served, and presents were opened after brunch was eaten and cleaned up. We were mean and saved Galen's battle droid present for very last. But when he opened it he sang the little "I am happy, I got what I have wanted so long" song, then spent the rest of the day playing with the little lego set Santa gave him. The battle droid was never far from him though.

Ewan was soo cute. He got a big bulldozer and wanted to take it outside. He looked so cute trying to ride it in the snow, plowing our patio, that I just had to take a picture.

Ian had a picture taken of him too today, when he made a pouty face when we told him "no" to opening Ewan's present. Pouty faces are so rare on Ian that I felt we had to capture it while we had the chance :)

Mike put Ian's bulldozer together today, then Galen took it apart and built some sort of space vechile with it.

The cat hasn't tried to take Sammy's bed today. Sammy started growling at the cat last night when he came close to the bone we gave Sam for Christmas. He also barked! First time in months that he barks and it was at the cat that pushed him out of bed yesterday!

Meanwhile, I am of the opinion the childless males have no business selecting gifts for young children. They think they can do it by memory, but honestly thier memory doesn't stretch back far enough. GI Joe? Sponge Bob? just why would we want our children emulating them? I am picking on them because I found a pattern and because I have faith that the childless males will have little interest in reading my blog.

Enough ranting, it is Christmas, Enjoy a silent night if possible.

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