Sunday, December 05, 2004

That was too Easy

The one thing my son wants more than anything else for Christmas is a Star Wars Episode 2 master battle droid. He talks about it nonstop and behaves perfectly for the chance to play with Daddy's. The problem is: it was not the Star Wars movie year, and so the stores do not have any available.

So when I realizes just how wide eyed and excited he'd be Christmas morning- I hopped on Ebay and 2 minutes had bought the very battle droid he wants for $12, about 1/2 the store's price (that includes shipping). It is new in the box. We are going to have to make sure we have the video camera going when he's opening his present. (each kid this year is getting only 1 toy from thier parents)

Now, if only I could find something that special for Ewan and Ian.

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