Thursday, December 09, 2004

A note on yesterday's pancakes . . .

Well, as you know we had extra pancakes from breakfast that I put in the fridge. And I hate being bothered while I'm paying bills or budgeting., so after feasting on the gingerbread house that Galen's teacher sent home yesterday (so far this is the only grudge I have against her), even against my best pleading that he keeps it in one piece to show off to Daddy. The kids were begging for lunch, and didn't want to wait until I figured out how to cover those Christmas expenses.

So they opened the fridge and I agreeded they could have some pancakes. While Each kid took the whole plate (each with ab out 20 pancakes each) out of the fridge adn poured the rest of the container of applesauce on top of them.

I was so mad when I found out, and started yelling at them about trying to eat a whole stack of pancakes. So I salvaged what I could, but the kids didn't seem to hungery- a ranting raving mother is probably not good seasoning.

They're either crazy or stupid and some days I'm not sure which. But one would think that if a child could fix himself the leftover pancakes then he could at least get his own plate and put some on it?

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