Sunday, December 12, 2004

I think my Galen is actually learning to read. He does a good job, on the rare occasions when I have his complete attention.

My Ewan, on the other hand, seems to think that voicing his opinions might actaually h elp him get his own way. Somehow, I also expect that he will be my first kid to ask me "why" on all my rules too. Sometimes its hard to decide weather I should respect his ideas, or squash back any form of indepent thought while I have the chance. But because I think Ewan really wants and tries to be good, I'll probaly let him try his own thoughts and independance- maby.

Ian just loves his new toy, and it has been a breaze getting him to bed, as long as we take the toy too. Besides being fasinated with the little pop-up animals, I think he really likes the notion that something actually belongs to him, and he can defend his right to it.

Mikey is enjoying his new game. And I did have to remind him last night to do the dishes, but he concented with no argument.

This week is actually fairly empty on the calendar, maby that will give me time to clean, decorate and make some Christmas cookies (ya right) ok, how about time to sew Ian's dino and Daddy's presents? (keep dreaming) while if I'm dreaming, I might as well dream big. So how about time to wrap presents, take care of business, make tortillas, and clean the old office in preporation for painting and wall papering it to make it into the Boy's room, then move the boys down and paint thier room into the Nursery? for girls!

There, My dreams are big. Let's get at them- so first order of business, change laundry, take the give aways to the curb and tell Mikey it's movie time so I can start the butterfly appliques for the matching crib bumper.

Have a good night- and an excellent dream!


Anonymous said...

have you had an ultrasound yet?
or know if it really is girls?

Round Belly said...

of course not

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your persistence in having girls someday. But try a gender neutral color if you must paint. Boys like green as much as girls so. Maybe a golden yellow or something. But if purple is calling, then purple it is. You're getting close to ultrasound time right? A few weeks away yet. Maybe if you don't expect a girl, as you haven't done yet, you'll get one? I didn't expect one and I got one. But that's just me. (: You'll get what you need most. (: And gender never really matters anyway and I know you know that. But and purple are lovely indeed.


Round Belly said...

It is really too cold in Minnestoa to paint until spring, when the owndows can be opened- so we will have our ultrasound before painting begains