Thursday, December 16, 2004

A few cute things I forgot to mention

Over the last few days, I have been drained and busy- so here are a few things I should have written but didn't.

On the night we put our Christmas tree up, Ian sat next to it, trying to blow out the lights like the candles on the birthday cake. (then because the lights are plugged into a switched outlet) Mike started telling Ian to blow, and then would switch them off. Then he's have Ian suck, adn turn the lights back on. Then once Ian figgured out the lights were switched, he sat at the switch turning the lights on and off as he sucked and blowed.

Galen Flys because he takes himself lightly. We got a small trampoline for Ian's birthday, we thought it would prolong the life of our matress. So this afternoon Galen set the trampline halfway between the stairway and the oversided stuffed chair. The he'd jump from the stairway to the trampline and onto the chair.

Ok- so how has Ewan been cute. It always seems like the middle child gets overlooked. Ewan got a new pair of boots. And tonight I had to physically pick him up and take them off of him or he would have worn them to bed.

Anyways- if someone wishes to invest a box of RiceCrispies & cream, I'll give them a share of Banana Sin Bars.
If someone whishes to invest 2 pounds of dates, I'll give them a share in pinwheel date cookies.

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