Monday, December 06, 2004

It'a 10 Am- and I'm already beat

Can you belive it is only 10 am, and I just started my morning, get my kids, up dressed, bussed and then took care of shipping, and some online christmas shopping then cleaned the kitcken. Then i sat down for a minute to comtemplate what to do next and I can't think or even move.

I wanted to clean the entry adn organize our shoes, or chnage the laundry and try to find the dress clothes we were so desperately hunting for yesterday morning, but I'm going to have to go lay down- expecially since Mike has school all afternoon adn I won't be able to lay down then- have a day?


Anonymous said...

hope your ok

Round Belly said...

yes, i'm ok. it's just that this baby seems to sap twice the energy I rememer the other one's sapping.